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For 8 years, we have been transforming hard-to-digest information into beautiful stories

A boutique agency with a team of multi-disciplinary experts

Clients in France and abroad, from startups and SMBs to multinationals

One of the few agencies in France that uses real storytelling!


Tarek Issa, CEO of SMG, for The Tribune



  • review rating 5  I can only give my highest recommendation for SMG Agency. As a technology start-up our product is complex. SMG helped us craft a compelling story that helped us explain the value of our offering in a way that was both interesting and engaging with potential customers and investors. They helped us through the entire process- from messaging to creative to execution. They are true masters at their work. And they are also a pleasure to work with. Thank you Tarek, Laëtitia and SMG!

    thumb Philip Guarino
  • review rating 5  With SMG, we have found a company that is willing to give us all the time and energy necessary to ensure that our campaigns are a success. Beyond the client/provider relationship, we have forged a real partnership with SMG, based on trust and exchange of good practice. Thanks to SMG we have been able to optimise our online marketing budget, all the while achieving tangible results (at last). Campaigns and advice are all tailored to fit our needs. Most of all, SMG is transparent in its dealings and we know exactly how our budget is being used – this is a refreshing change and makes a world of difference!

    thumb Marc McHugo
  • review rating 5  SMG a traité notre cas en profondeur, ne se limite pas à vous dire de rajouter du contenu sur votre site mais élabore des recommandations poussées et s'assure que celles-ci sont respectées ; SMG vous fera travailler, ce qui est un bon signe mais les résultats ne se feront pas attendre. La majorité des conversions de nos objectifs provient déjà de la campagne Adwords qu'ils ont mis en place récemment.

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 How to create a powerful message 


Reading < 2 minutes.



When we talk about an idea or a project, our reflexes automatically lead us to explain what it is, that is, the “WHAT”.


  • Problem : This approach struggles to grab the attention of our target audience, is far from memorable, and may even look like a sales pitch. Not very captivating!


  • Solution : Start with the “why”, followed by the “how”, and finally the WHAT.


 WHY “WHY”? 

It’s been 11 years since Simon Sinek popularized the concept of WHY during his famous TED Talk (a must see!). He says that starting his story with WHY makes it a lot more impactful.


  • As a storytelling agency, this is something that we have tested and applied over and over again—to our liking—during our projects. And it works!


  • Explaining the “why” is a great persuasion technique.


  • When someone explains the “why” to us, we subconsciously put ourselves in their shoes and try to understand their choices. Like this, we create genuine empathy and a human bond.


  • The “why” communicates our values ​​and goals, which inspires and attracts like-minded people.


  • When inspiration and empathy are there, our audience is likely to listen to us attentively, remember our message and take action: buy our product, join our community, give the green light to a project, etc.



When you communicate an idea or a project, follow these steps.


1- Resist WHAT

  • Your reflexes will naturally want to explain WHAT first.


  • Resist the temptation! We will get back to this…


2- Explain WHY

  • Think about the WHY of what you are doing.


  • Start your message with WHY.


3- Then HOW

  • Now move on to HOW: how you do what you do.


  • In general, this relates to your USP: a differentiating feature, a methodology, expertise…


4- End with WHAT

  • At this point, your audience should be more receptive.


  • Finally, explain your product or service and how it relates to the WHY.


5- Bonus : Make it happen with a CTA!

  • If your goal is for your audience to take action, mention your Call-To-Action at the end.


  • Depending on the channel, this can take the form of buttons (Order, Subscribe, etc.) or similar.



Apple is a compelling example of this:


  • Why : “Think Different” – We see things differently and challenge the status quo.


  • How : By creating high-end products that are attractive and easy to use.


  • What : The products – iPhone, Macbook, AirPods, etc.



  • Your next speech or presentation to the team or a client.


  • Your company’s messaging, on the website, in the brochure, orally or in writing.


  • Your communication on social networks, an upcoming meeting, etc.



Check out Simon Sinek’s book, “Start With Why”.